The Pillar of, “BRIGHT”, Dancing with the Lasers
  • Supporting Materials

    Titanium Alloy, Aluminum Alloy, Superalloy, Stainless Steel, High-strength Steel, Tool Steel
  • Build Dimension

  • Laser Power

    500W×6 ;500W×8;500W×10
  • Building Speed

    150cm³/h ;200cm³/h;250cm³/h

Application Fields

  • Aviation

  • Aerospace

  • Automotive

  • Engine


  • Batch Application Verification

    Maturity and stability of system operation
  • Large Build Dimension

    Precision forming of parts within 800mm
  • Multi-beam Lasers Splicing

    The building quality of each area is consistent
  • Hard Scraper

    Fixed layer thickness Adhere to the quality
  • Long-lifeFiltration System

    Safety & Longevitydouble guarantee
  • Self-adapting Powder Spreading Correction

    Deep learning technology makes printing smarter
  • Automatic Circulation of Powder

    Powder closed-circulation processing system Automatic recycling sieving and supply

Related Cases

    • MaterialSuperalloy
    • Sizeφ800mmx400mm
    • Weight27kg
    • Build Time175h (Six Lasers)

    Engine Integration Component

Intelligent Modules Help You
Achieve More

Standard Functions

  • Diagnosis Fault-grading
  • Process Data Traceability
  • Height Self-checking on Parts
  • Powder Spreading Quality Control
  • 3D Reconstruction

Optional Functions

  • BLT-MCS Connect
  • BLT-MES System

Powder Circulation System Enhances Efficiency

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  • BLT-S800—The Pillar of, "BRIGHT",Dancing with the Lasers.

    BLT-S800 is a ten-laser metal 3D printing system launched by BLT in 2021, with a build dimension of 800mm×800mm×600mm (W×D×H), which can print titanium alloy, aluminum alloy, superalloy, stainless steel, high-strength steel, tool steel and other materials. The system is suitable for printing large-size, high-precision, and severe service conditions of aerospace parts, which can meet the manufacturing needs of aerospace users for high-performance, high-efficiency, high-quality standard parts.