Review BLT’s Highlights of 3D Printing Achievements in Empowering Commercial Aviation by 2023

20 12月

How can BLT propel commercial aerospace to new heights? 

Since 2020, the Chinese commercial aerospace industry has entered a new stage of development with clearer business models and market trends. Chinese authoritative media pointed out that, after recent years of development, China’s aerospace industry foundation is further consolidated with continuous expansion of the industrial chain and improved capabilities for independent innovation.

Metal 3D printing technology possesses inherent advantages in processing large-sized, structurally complex, and high-temperature-resistant components for commercial aerospace. By designing components based on the principle of the additive manufacturing process, aerospace designers can achieve integrated optimization and functional design of components, meeting the lightweight requirements of spacecraft. This technology enables rapid production of parts while ensuring their quality, leading to shortened delivery cycles and accelerated R&D iterations. Furthermore, metal 3D printing technology also offers significant advantages in terms of batch production and cost reduction.

Reusable Liquid Oxygen-Methane Validation Rocket SQX-2Y 

On November 2, 2023, Beijing Interstellar Glory Space Technology Co., Ltd. (i-Space) Reusable Liquid Oxygen-Methane Validation Rocket SQX-2Y’s launch mission achieved complete success. This mission marks the first-ever full-scale vertical takeoff and landing, as well as reusable rocket tests of a liquid rocket first-stage in China. It is a significant breakthrough in reusable carrier rocket technology for Chinese commercial aerospace. BLT has assisted clients in developing critical components for multiple engines, effectively reducing production cycles, saving costs, accelerating product iterations, and enhancing R&D efficiency.

The world’s first Liquid Oxygen-Methane Rocket successfully launched into orbit

On July 12,2023, the Landspace ZQ-2 Y2 successfully entered the designated orbit. The launch mission achieved complete success. ZQ-2 has become the world’s first successful liquid oxygen-methane rocket to achieve orbit, marking a significant breakthrough for China’s carrier rockets in the application of new low-cost liquid propellants. It fills the gap in the domestic liquid rocket spectrum and brings about transformative changes in the commercial rocket launch market. BLT has provided comprehensive metal additive manufacturing technology support for the development of key components in ZQ-2 Y2.

12U high-resolution ground remote sensing satellite

On May 10, 2023, China’s Long March-7 Y7 carrier rocket, developed by the China Academy of Launch Vehicle Technology, successfully launched the Tianzhou-6 cargo spacecraft into its designated orbit. BLT is responsible for the structural optimization design and 3D printing production of the satellite deployer frame.

China’s first hundreds-ton-class liquid oxygen kerosene pin-type gas generator engine

In March 2023, the self-developed gas generator for the “Yuanli-85” hundreds-ton-class liquid oxygen kerosene engine by Orienspace was successfully tested for the first time. BLT has participated in the development of the “Yuanli-85” engine and 3D printed several key components such as the engine body blanks and pintle-type gas generator. The quality and performance of the final formed parts met the requirements for the “Yuanli-85” engine.

Hundreds-ton liquid oxygen methane engine

From March 1st to 2nd, 2023, the i-Space liquid oxygen methane engine “JD-2” successfully completed two semi-system joint tests with real media. BLT assisted the development team in printing multiple Piping and Turbine Pump components for the “JD-2” liquid engine, helping customers reduce costs and increase efficiency. The “JD-2” Injector (rocket engine thrust component) also made its debut at the 2023 Formnext Germany Exhibition, attracting the attention of many customers.

Currently, BLT has a customer base of over 30 companies in the commercial aerospace industry. We provide comprehensive support for our customers, including optimized design, technical consultation, parts development, and equipment matching. With over a decade of experience in customized product manufacturing, structural optimization design, a well-established technology R&D matrix, and proven engineering expertise, BLT’s equipment and powder products enable fast research and efficient small-batch customization of components for commercial aerospace users with complete industry support.

BLT provides equipment and components for commercial aerospace R&D, including models such as BLT-S310/S320, BLT-S400, BLT-S450, BLT-S510/S515, BLT-S600, BLT-S615, BLT-S800, BLT-S815, BLT-S1300, and BLT-S1500. Our machines and systems can be used for large and medium-sized component assembly, small-batch production of large components, and rapid mass production of small-sized parts.

The commercial aerospace industry has vast prospects for development. Not only will there be continuous advancements in satellite and rocket development, but also emerging areas such as “space products” and “commercialization of space technology” are gradually evolving. Moving forward, commercial aerospace can also facilitate the transfer of aerospace technology to the civilian market. The broad development prospects also place higher requirements on accelerating technological R&D iteration and achieving low-cost, high-quality production in the commercial aerospace sector.

Metal 3D printing technology has gradually become a common means of component development and mass production due to its advantages. BLT is involved in multiple commercial aerospace projects that have entered the mass production stage. BLT will assess the needs of commercial aerospace customers and continuously enhance its market competitiveness by optimizing design, technical and R&D support, equipment capabilities and stability, product delivery quality, cycle, and final cost. Furthermore, we will also deepen our cooperation with more commercial aerospace users.

About BLT

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