Mold/Tool Making

Metal AM drives industrial transformation and upgrading, resulting in increased efficiency and cost reduction

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  • High Efficiency

  • Cost Reduction

  • Great Quality and Precision

  • Batch Production

  • Environmentally Friendly


  • Tire Mold

    Material: Aluminum Alloy

    Size: 200mmX200mmX50mm

    Machine: BLT-A400

    Weight: 2.12kg

    Time: 88h

  • Shoes Mold

    Material: Stainless Steel

    Size: 400mmX150mmX50mm

    Machine: BLT-A400

    Weight: 5.2kg

    Time: 10h

  • Full Substrate Sprue Bush

    Material: Tool Steel

    Size: 260mmx260mmx100mm

    Machine: BLT-A320

    Weight: 6kg

    Time: 10h

  • Breathable Steel

    Material: Stainless Steel

    Size: 200mmx200mmx100mm

    Machine: BLT-S400

    Time: 50h

  • Blow Molded Powder Can Mold

    Material:  Stainless Steel


    System: BLT-S450

    Time: 152h

One-Stop Customized Product Solutions

  • 1

    Model Evaluation

  • 2

    Optimized Design

  • 3

    Printing Process

  • 4

    Post Processing

  • 5

    Testing Service & Quality Standard Identification

Materials Used

Titanium Alloy

Stainless Steel

Tool Steel

Aluminum Alloy

High-strength Steel

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