BLT’s Powder Circulation Solutions Help Industrial Production Reduce Cost and Increase Efficiency

08 9月

With the in-depth development of metal additive manufacturing in different fields, the demand for mass production is increasing, and efficient powder circulation is an inevitable requirement for industrial production in the “Era of Mass Production”. According to different production needs in different production scenarios, BLT has introduced a variety of powder circulation solutions to help industrial production reduce costs and increase efficiency.

BLT can provide industrialized powder circulation solutions for multiple machines. By using the newly upgraded powder supply machine BLT-GF500, powder sieving machine BLT-SF400 and powder recycling module BLT-HS03.The powder circulation solution not only reduces the total powder demand of the production line, but also reduces the dependence on manual operation, so that the production efficiency and the return on investment are higher.

In the printing process, the powder is circulated under the protection of inert gas to realize the automatic Recycling, Sieving and Supplying of powder. The powder circulation solution can reduce manual intervention, improve the rhythm of powder circulation, and ensure continuous production.

In addition, the industrialized powder circulation system is composed of independent units, and the interfaces of each auxiliary module are unified. When working, the powder circulation is realized through pipeline connection, and the powder is configured to different equipment according to actual production requirements.

In recent years, BLT has introduced a series of large-scale system (BLT-S515, BLT-S600/S615series, BLT-S800, BLT-S1000) with building dimension exceeding 1 meter. In order to meet the continuous production demand of large-scale system, BLT has launched a new powder circulation system BLT-XH300 according to the production process and powder processing function of powder circulation.

The BLT-XH300 is highly integrated, enabling the powder handling needs of the printing process to be achieved with just one device. The powder processing efficiency of BLT-XH300 can reach 30 L/H, which can basically meet the needs of powder circulation in the printing of large build dimension system and improve the production efficiency. For some models of system, BLT-XH300 can be directly arranged under the people working platform, which is highly integrated with the host system in space and saves space.