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Metal AM Machines &Systems

SLM、LSF; Build dimension range from 160mm to 1500mm (SLM)

Metal AM Powders

More than 60 kinds of materials can be formed

Metal AM Parts

SLM,LSF,WAAM process; One-stop Metal AM Service

Metal AM Software & Technical Solutions

  • Aerospace

    Metal AM enables the aerospace industry to produce high-performance, high-quality parts
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  • Aviation

    Metal AM has introduced innovative manufacturing techniques to the aviation industry, particularly in the areas of complex structures, lightweight design, and the utilization of new materials
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  • Engine

    Metal AM enables the rapid and flexible production of engine parts, while also enhancing their service life
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  • Mold

    Metal AM drives industrial transformation and upgrading, resulting in increased efficiency and cost reduction
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  • Automotive

    Metal AM assists the automotive industry in prototype development, small-batch production, customized production, and achieving lightweight design
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Metal AM Powders

The BLTM powder product line provides a diverse selection of metals, including titanium and superalloys, and boasts over 10 years of certified experience in parts manufacturing.

Global Service & Customers

BLT's global customer base extends across China, Europe, North America, Japan, and more. We offer a turnkey Metal AM solution that enhances quality, boosts efficiency, reduces costs, and delivers high output for our global customers.

BLT branch and subsidiary companies

BLT Global Service

United States Europe Frankfurt Europe Europe South Korea Japan Beijing Xi'an Weinan Taixing China Shanghai Shenzhen Taiwan, China Hong Kong, China