A Series


Continuous and Economic Production
  • Supporting Materials

    Titanium Alloy, Aluminum Alloy, Superalloy, Stainless Steel, High-strength Steel, Tool Steel, Copper Alloy
  • Build Dimension

  • Laser Power

  • Building Speed


Application Fields

  • Mold


  • Variable Speed Adaptive Powder Preading

    Intelligent powder saving & printing efficiency UPPING
  • Powder-worker Separated in the Whole Process

    Strenthen occupational health protection
  • ETHERCAT Telecommunications

    Rapid communications Accurate synchronization
  • Long-lifeFiltration System

    Safety & Longevitydouble guarantee
  • BLT-MES System Upgraded Available

    Centralized management Intelligent interconnection
  • Automatic Grafting Upgraded Available

    Full substrate efficient processing guarantee high precision

Related Cases

    • MaterialTool Steel
    • Size250mm×250mm×100mm (Full Substrate) 
    • Weight6kg
    • Time10h

    Full Substrate Heating Nozzle

    • MaterialStainless Steel
    • Size260mm×260mm×100mm (Full Substrate)
    • Time17h

    Full Substrate Tire Mold Insert

    • MaterialTitanium Alloy
    • Size250x250x14.5mm (Full Substrate)
    • Weight0.7kg
    • Time70h

    Full Substrate Spinal Fusion Apparatus(Exhibit)

    • MaterialTitanium Alloy
    • Size250mm×250mm×290mm (Full Chamber, 13 layer) 
    • Weight0.22kg (Single Layer)
    • Time15h (Single Layer)

    Full Chamber Acetabular Cup (Exhibit)

Intelligent Modules Help You
Achieve More

Standard Functions

  • Diagnosis Fault-grading
  • Real-time Status Monitoring
  • Process Data Traceability

Optional Functions

  • Automatic Grafting Module
  • BLT-MES System
  • Powder Spreading Quality Control
  • Smaller Research Platform Module

Powder Circulation System Enhances Efficiency

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  • Exclusive Metal 3D Machine for Mold Industry BLT -A300/A320

    Standard Configuration: Self-diagnosis Fault-grading/Real-time Monitoring the Printing Process /Full Printing Process Traceability
    Optional Configuration: Powdering Quality Control Module/Automatic Grafting/Permanent Filtration System /BLT-MES System