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  • Supporting Materials

    Titanium Alloy, Aluminum Alloy, Superalloy, Stainless Steel, High-strength Steel, Tool Steel, Copper Alloy
  • Build Dimension(1)

    250mm×250mm×400mm(W × D × H)
  • Laser Power

  • Building Speed(2)


Application Fields

  • Aviation

  • Aerospace

  • Automotive

  • Engine

(1)Excluding substrate thickness.
(2)Dependent on part geometry, material and parameter set used.
*The displayed products are provided for reference purposes only.
* The actual models available may vary according to the product listings in each specific region.


  • Batch Application Verification

    Maturity and stability of machine operation
  • Two-way Intelligent Powder Spreading

    Efficiency increases by 60% Intelligent powder-saving
  • Long-life Filtration System

    Safety & Longevity double guarantee
  • Self-adapting Powder Spreading Correction

    Deep learning technology makes printing smarter
  • Automatic Circulation of Powder

    Powder closed-circulation processing system
    Automatic recycling sieving and supply
  • 3D Reconstruction

    Building visualization is easy to quality traceability

Related Cases

    • MaterialTitanium Alloy
    • Size250x250x14.5mm (Full Substrate)
    • Weight0.7kg
    • Time70h

    Spinal Fusion Apparatus(Exhibit)

    • MaterialPure Copper
    • SizeΦ210mmX295mm
    • Weight2.813kg
    • Time96h

    Ehaust Nozzle

    • MaterialSuperalloy
    • SizeΦ90mm×15mm
    • Weight0.2kg
    • Time15h

    Impeller Disk

    Aviation Joint

Intelligent Modules Help You
Achieve More

Standard Functions

  • Diagnosis Fault-grading
  • Real-time Status Monitoring
  • Process Data Traceability
  • Recoating Detection
  • 3D Reconstruction

Optional Functions

  • Automatic Grafting
  • BLT-MCS Connect
  • BLT-MES System

Powder Circulation System Enhances Efficiency

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