BLT Metal Powder for AM

BLT provides a variety of metal AM materials according to different categories, grades, particle size.

BLT powder grades encompass over 90% of commonly used metal AM powders, including Titanium and Titanium Alloys, Superalloys, Aluminum Alloys, Stainless Steel, and more. Additionally, BLT provides customized services to meet the specific requirements of our users for various metal AM materials.

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Value-added Powder Services

  • BLTM Metal AM Powders

    Adopt the optimized atomization process parameters, prepare the highly qualified AM titanium and titanium alloy powders
  • Component Detection

    Equipped with CNAS certification testing center to strictly test the chemical composition of the powder
  • Morphology Detection

    Detect and analyse the morphology and internal structure of the powder to provide a reference for the microstructure research of printed parts
  • Physical Property

    Optimize the particle size distribution, fluidity and bulk density of the powder for additive manufacturing by milling process
  • Printing Verification

    Various types of additive manufacturing equipment are used for verification of powder forming
  • Performance Testing

    Comprehensively test the microstructure and mechanical properties of the formed parts to provide feedback for powder research and development

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