A Outstanding System of Ten Years Hard Work
  • Supporting Materials

    Titanium Alloy, Aluminum Alloy, Superalloy, Stainless Steel, High-strength Steel, Tool Steel
  • Build Dimension(1)

  • Laser Power

  • Building Speed(2)


Application Fields

  • Aviation

  • Aerospace

  • Automotive

  • Engine

(1)Excluding substrate thickness.
(2)Dependent on part geometry, material and parameter set used.
*The displayed products are provided for reference purposes only.
* The actual models available may vary according to the product listings in each specific region.


  • Mass Application Validation

    Iterative optimization of mature product 66% increase in build dimension
  • Multi-laser Efficient Forming

    A variety of laser quantities are available
    Efficient and dynamic recoating in double directions
  • Self-adapting Powder Spreading Correction

    Deep learning technology
    Automatic detection and correction of powder deficiency
  • Long-life Filtration System

    Automatic backblow cleaning
    Long-life filter ensures continuous use
  • Long-lifeFiltration System

    Powder closed-circulation processing system
    Automatic recycling sieving and supply
  • Safe and Economical Production

    Save gas and powder to enhance economical
    Inert gas protection makes powder collection safer

Related Cases

    • MaterialSuperalloy
    • SizeΦ576mmX200mm
    • Time120h

    Aero-engine Casing with Nickel Base Superalloy

    • MaterialAluminum Alloy
    • SizeΦ485mmX210mm
    • Time152.7h


    • MaterialAluminum Alloy
    • Size631mmX592mmX151mm
    • Weight10.9kg
    • Time152.7h

    Hydrazine Bottle Adapter

    Blade Ring

Intelligent Modules Help You
Achieve More

Standard Functions

  • Diagnosis Fault-grading
  • Process Data Traceability
  • Recoating Detection
  • 3D Reconstruction

Optional Functions

  • BLT-MCS Connect

Powder Circulation System Enhances Efficiency

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