New Applications for Mass Production in the Industrial Sector Unveiled at TCT Asia BLT’s Booth

14 9月

With the development of “Mass Production Era” of metal 3D printing, the requirements of mass production of industrial parts for cost reduction, quality improvement and efficiency enhancement are also increasing. Aiming at solving the problem of mass production, BLT has continuously improved its technology research and development. In this TCT Asia show, BLT has brought many application cases of mass production in the industrial field.

Rotors and stators are important parts for motor applications. At this TCT Asia Show, BLT displayed a full substrate of the rotors and stators. The size of a single rotor is 39mm × 39mm × 20mm, and the size of a single stator is 46mm × 46mm × 20mm. Using six-laser BLT-S400 machine,27 rotors and 27stators can be formed on a full substrate. The printed rotor and stator have high consistency, and the quality and building efficiency are ensured.

Tesla Valve is a one-way gas flow valve, which uses space structure to promote gas flow. Using six-laser BLT-S400 machine,126 Tesla Valves with the size of 30 mm × 30 mm × 90 mm can be formed on a full substrate. The formed Tesla Valves have good dimensional accuracy and meet the engineering requirements.

The high-frequency induction coil is of a cavity thin-wall annular structure. Because of the high reflectivity of copper alloy powder, it is difficult for laser to melt copper alloy powder continuously, which leads to the low forming efficiency of induction coil and the difficulty in controlling the forming quality. Through developing new Cr-Zr-Cu material process, using BLT-S210 machine, 4 induction coils can be formed on a full substrate with high efficiency and high quality.

There is a circle of evenly distributed blades in the swirler showed at TCT Asia 2023, the overall structure of which is stable. 140 pieces can be formed by eight-laser BLT-S450, which shortens the production cycle while ensuring the quality.

Planetary gear are commonly used in all types of engine transmissions. Using BLT-S400 machine, 8 Epicyclic Gears can be formed on a full substrate, which not only can realise the integrated forming of several internal and external gears, but also can realize the compact design of the gears. The compact design can ensure that the gear is in a normal transmission state with low possibility to separate under high load. This kind of character can meet the requirements of gearbox, including high efficiency, large gear transmission ratio, large power-weight ratio, etc.