Revolutionizing Tungsten Carbide Manufacturing: BLT’s Additive Manufacturing Technology Approach Unveiled at TCT Asia 2023

24 8月

Innovative Additive Manufacturing Process by Bright Laser Technologies (BLT) Takes Tungsten Carbide Applications to New Heights.

Bright Laser Technologies (BLT) officially launched the Tungsten Carbide Additive Manufacturing forming process in early 2023. This revolutionary method addresses the manufacturing obstacles associated with tungsten steel components featuring intricate structures, a challenge often encountered with conventional techniques. This month, BLT is all set to unveil its cutting-edge applications of tungsten carbide at the TCT Asia event.

Tungsten steel is also referred to as tungsten carbide. This material finds utility in crafting micro-drill bits, durable self-sharpening rotary cutting blades, and rocket engine nozzles, among many other applications. Tungsten carbide boasts remarkable hardness, impressive wear resistance, and the ability to stave off corrosion effectively. Nevertheless, the heightened tungsten content within the alloy gives rise to a conundrum – brittleness that elevates the susceptibility to fracturing. BLT has embraced an additive manufacturing process dedicated to tungsten carbide production to surmount this challenge. This innovative approach serves as a remedy for the prevalent issue of crack defects, presenting a particularly advantageous solution for fabricating intricate structures like flow channels and nozzles.

BLT specializes in crafting tungsten steel nozzles tailored explicitly for laser solder ball jet welding equipment, featuring an intricate interior hollow cone design. These precision-engineered tungsten steel nozzles not only meet the stringent requirements for high-temperature and corrosion resistance in laser tin ball jet welding applications but also boast a flawlessly smooth inner wall finish that resists clogging. Remarkably, these nozzles achieve a minimum micro-pore size as small as 200μm, underscoring their exceptional precision and performance.

The picture shows the tungsten steel nozzle.

Hot runner tips/tubes are key components in the hot runner system of a mold. BLT’s tungsten steel nozzles tips/tubes exhibit outstanding attributes, including impressive thermal conductivity, remarkable wear resistance, and superior corrosion resistance, collectively contributing to an extended lifespan for the mold’s hot runner. Its internal cavities, aspect ratios, and tip angles can all be tailored to suit a diverse range of scenarios.

The picture shows the tungsten steel tip/tube

BLT has developed specific process parameters for the forming of tungsten steel, and the size of the 3D printed tungsten steel nozzle is only φ 15mm × 10mm, featuring an intricate array of dozens of micro-pores, and its size of minimum pore size is up to 200 μm. The nozzle is corrosion-and drug-resistant and can be used in various spraying, misting, oil spraying, and other equipment.

The picture shows 3D printed Tungsten Steel Nozzle

The picture shows a metallographic inspection diagram of BLT 3D printed Tungsten Steel Nozzle

The YG12 Tungsten Steel Performance Test Table is attached herewith