BLT Embarks on New International Expansion in 2024

07 2月

In a strategic move poised to redefine its global presence, BLT is set to enter a new phase of international expansion in 2024. The company’s focus is keenly fixed on establishing a significant footprint in South Korea, the Baltic Sea Regions, and Africa.

With a commitment to fostering strong partnerships and capturing emerging markets, BLT has newly inked agreements with three prominent agents to spearhead its endeavors in these key regions in 2024. This move underscores BLT’s dedication to providing innovative solutions and services to diverse markets worldwide.

South Korea, a dynamic and tech-savvy market, is one of the pivotal destinations for BLT’s expansion efforts in Asia. BLT is poised to tap into the country’s burgeoning technological landscape with the new distributor LINCSOLUTION, offering cutting-edge products and solutions to meet the evolving needs of South Korean consumers. This partnership is focused on delivering a comprehensive turnkey solution for metal additive manufacturing in South Korea. BLT will provide a diverse range of printing machines & systems catering to various build dimensions and an extensive range of printing materials.
Established in 2015, LINCSOLUTION boasts a legacy of industry expertise, supported by a robust engineering team. Beyond product offerings, LINCSOLUTION stands as an excellent after-sales service, encompassing machines & systems installation, debugging, maintenance, upgrades, and comprehensive client training. We’ll co-organize market activities and unveil innovative solutions to cater to the evolving needs of our Korean clientele.

BLT’s strategic expansion into the Polish and Baltic Sea Regions markets reflects a deep commitment to exploring the European market. Leveraging the thriving business landscape and strategic location, Poland and the Baltic regions (including Lithuania, Latvia, and Estonia)serve as pivotal gateways for BLT to extend its influence across the entire European continent. The recent announcement of BLT’s partnership with CadXpert further solidifies this initiative. This collaboration ensures an end-to-end 3D printing experience, encompassing equipment purchase, full equipment support, and access to a diverse portfolio of over 20 models of 3D metal printers, each tailored to meet unique specifications. Clients also gain access to BLT’s cutting-edge printing materials and technologies, positioning them at the forefront of innovation. Complementing these advantages is robust post-sales support provided by CadXpert, a company with a legacy of industry expertise since its establishment in 2013. Their services encompass equipment installation, maintenance, repairs, customer training, CAD design, and more, reinforcing BLT’s commitment to comprehensive client satisfaction.

Africa, with its untapped potential and rapidly growing economies, presents a promising frontier for BLT’s expansion strategy. Russel Smith is the third global partner of BLT in 2024! Russel Smith will provide a range of products from our AM ecosystem in the West Africa, Namibia, Angola, and Uganda regions. This includes various machines with different build dimensions, a wide selection of high-quality metal materials required for printing, and printing software. Russel Smith is an ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 45001:2018 certified Integrated Energy Services provider, with a focus on technology solutions for Asset Integrity Management, Oilfield Management, Smart Manufacturing, and Sustainable Energy. As a company deeply rooted in the oil and gas industry for nearly 20 years, Russel Smith supplies parts and specialized services for this important industry in Nigeria. Additionally, they also have one of the sub-companies that is selling Additive Manufacturing machines and printed parts.

BLT’s commitment to international growth aligns with its mission to deliver cutting-edge technology solutions globally. The partnerships forged with agents in South Korea, Africa, Poland, and the Baltic region mark the beginning of an exciting chapter in BLT’s international journey, promising innovation, and excellence on a global scale.

About BLT

BLT started its operations in 2011 and in 10 years has built a position as the largest player in the metal 3D printing market (the company is traded on the stock exchange with a market capitalization of $2,28 billion on January 18, 2024). Up to June 30, 2023, BLT has around1500 employees worldwide, with nearly 30% of them in R&D. BLT also has the largest factory equipped with 380 metal 3D printers

BLT offers 3D metal printers in all market segments, advanced materials, and custom printing capabilities. BLT’s continuous development of technology is guaranteed by high investment in R&D sustained at 15% of turnover each year.