BLT Introduces the Enhanced BLT-A400: A 5-Laser Metal 3D Printer

17 Jul

The upgraded printing machine comes in five-laser configurations and an integrated powder recovery system to accelerate the production efficiency.

Xi’an, China – BLT (Bright Laser Technologies) is excited to introduce the BLT-400, a metal 3D solution that will offer Metal AM printing with industrial-grade materials for large-scale batch production of industrial parts. With its configuration of 5 lasers, the BLT-400 significantly boosts production efficiency, making it an ideal choice for mass production of industrial components. The official launch date of BLT-400 is June 29.

“Customers with high volume production needs experience a relatively high time cost when utilizing Metal 3D printing.” Said Du, Product Manager of BLT. “Our primary focus is to find ways of reducing delivery time and minimizing labor costs while ensuring the utmost quality of the production part. With the introduction of the groundbreaking BLT-A400, these concerns are effectively alleviated for our clients.”

Expanding application scenarios of multi-laser systems to enhance production efficiency.

Compared to the dual laser A400, the new version 5-laser printer significantly increases productivity. It boosts capacity without requiring additional space, improves plant efficiency per square meter, reduces operating expenses, and better catering to the demands of mass industrial part production. As an example, the production of a full substrate of 1004 pieces steel plates for certain automobile tires requires 128.8 hours with dual lasers, but with implementation of the 5-lasers configuration, this time has been dramatically reduced to just 52.5 hours. The efficiency increases of 2.5 times compared to the previous setup and over 110,000 pieces can be produced annually, greatly streamlining the manufacturing process.

Enhancing Production Automation with the Powder Transfer and Recovery System.

Powder recovery is of vital importance for mass production processes. The BLT-A400’s new powder recovery system ensures safe transfer, recovery, sieving and reuse of metal powders within an on-site test laboratory. This system facilitates the seamless and secure transfer of large volumes of 3D printing powders from containers to multiple machines, eliminating risk of spillage, contamination, explosion, or contact with workers. BLT provides multiple equipment powder recovery solutions for different production scenarios. This system empowers manufacturers to meet their production needs while achieving substantial savings in operational costs.

Improved efficiency with automatic splice calibration module.

The newly developed automatic splicing calibration module significantly diminishes the need for manual intervention, streamlining the calibration process, and reducing the time required for calibration. It enhances efficiency by over 386%. The automatic splicing calibration program ensures precise alignment through its multi-laser system, guaranteeing controllable accuracy of 0.05mm consistently.

BLT-A400 is equipped with a newly developed automatic splicing calibration module. Compared to the traditional way, the new automatic splicing calibration module can reduce manual intervention, simplify the calibration process, and shorten the calibration time while improving the one-time success rate of splicing calibration. Based on BLT internal operation data, the calibration efficiency can be improved by more than 386%, significantly saving printing preparation time. The multi-laser splicing accuracy is more controllable, with a stable accuracy of 0.05mm.

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